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15yo riding pony gelding who was adopted 8 years ago but has come back to us due to his owners health.

He is very nervous and afraid of things.


11yo thoroughbred mare who came to us via the RSPCA in 2020.

She has had a basic start under saddle at a walk and trot.


18yo thoroughbred gelding who was abandoned along with Shadow when their property was sold a number of years ago


11yo thoroughbred mare who was left without care when her owner was sent to prison.

She had a bad hoof injury which has taken a lot of time to rehabilitate.


5yo Thoroughbred mare

Misty came back to us mid 2020 after being adopted 3 years ago. She was originally came to us via RSPCA as a foal at foot with her mum.


Merlin is an approx 5yo mini gelding (gelded since arrival as a stallion) who was left behind when his owner moved away.


20yo Shetland mare, with lots of attitude!

Her owner had poor health and had to sell his property, leaving her with nowhere to go.


Sophie is an 19yo chestnut thoroughbred mare who is curious about people and loves being around those she trusts. 

She was abandoned on agistment and came to us in 2019.

She is is suitable as a companion only


Cruise is an approx 8yo mini gelding who came to us mid 2021 with severely overgrown hooves and laminitis.

He is also a special needs horse with equine cushings.


Mini shetland gelding, 11yrs, 9hh

He came to us in mid 2019 with very overgrown hooves and terrified of people.





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